Our longstanding experience in the events industry means that we can evaluate your brief and fully realize the scope of your project. We then handpick the best-suited resources from a wide-ranging pool of roles and talent to work with you and cater to the requirements of your team.

Why workwith us?

  • Time
  • Flexibility
  • Quality
  • Synergy

We save you time with recruitment and billing by filtering potential resources on your behalf and sending you a concise invoice, especially when you hire a full team or crew.

This means your existing team can be more efficient and avoid unwarranted use of both time and resources.

We hand-pick suitable staff in accordance with your budget, as well as advise on optimising your resources.

This means you can scale your operation size according to your work load.

We ensure that our freelancers always deliver the standard of work consistent with the required qualifications. With our experience and insight in the events industry, we are able to act as your quality controllers.

This means that the margin of error in all kinds of staffing is effectively minimized.

Trust is central to our operation. We work closely with you and exercise our flexibility to mould ourselves into your project requirements. Our freelancers become an integral part of your team, and flood your workspace with a positive work ethic and spirit of cooperation.

This means we truly go beyond the call of duty to ensure your success.