As a proud nation that sees both its present successes and future firmly rooted in traditional values, the UAE government upholds the mandate to nourish and maintain its rich cultural heritage.

The vision of its rulers and the incredible legacy of its founders are a constant thematic thread in marking not only every national occasion, but also any event that celebrates economic, social, personal and other aspirations of the Emirati people.

Event Lab Culture

Our team have spent the past 15 years at the front row of creating and delivering such occasions, including National Day, public settings such as a heritage village, and many other ceremonial, large-scale and corporate events.

We develop and deliver cultural activations on a variety of scales:

  • Traditional performances
  • Demonstrations and activities
  • Workshops
  • Traditional cuisine
  • Stage performances - bespoke shows (combining poetry, music, dance, acting, props, costumes, storytelling, supporting video content)
  • Contemporary displays and exhibitions
Event Lab Culture